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About Us

Supply Point provides both the private and public sector, with a wide range of services, undertaken by a team of experienced professionals across a range of industry sectors. We have quickly become known for our personalised and second to none services that can be tailored to individual company requirements and those seeking to improve profits.

We offer;

* Terms and conditions do apply and are based upon trading history and suitable trade/credit references.

All our professional and highly motivated staff have been carefully chosen for their expertise and knowledge of the market, we are not just a catalogue company with little idea about the products or applications.

Whatever your preference, an onsite visit from one of our team, a phone call or simply placing orders on-line, we will provide you with:

Supply Point offers its customers a full-function electronic catalogue with product information, pricing, inventory availability and online ordering capabilities; this enables any authorised staff from our client organisations to order goods, direct onto our system, 24 hours a day. Our goal is to always strive to conduct business with our customers electronically because it allows for faster processing of transaction, reduction in errors and faster service to our clients.

Our competitiveness has been brought about by adopting a partnership approach with our suppliers and thus removing the additional levels of margin and on costs such as large national warehousing, transport, private labelling, insurance as well as direct staff and power light and heat, whilst increasing our team and expertise still further.

As a totally modular company our overheads are always in line with our sales activities and via this business model we are able to increase our warehousing, type of vehicle, amount of vehicles and the relevant personnel to manage sales, training, marketing, financial etc.

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